The Creator

Peterweb Creations web sites are (more or less) a product of just one man - Peter Oberc. This section of the site is my formal web site, containing the following pages:

cv - curriculum vitae provides some basic information about me and lists all the work I've done since 1995 (commercial, non-PWCR projects)...

services - this page is a short listing of my skills I'm currently interested in putting into commercial projects. These vary with time as I sometimes get tired of designing web site GUIs all the time or programming web applications all the time... ;)

web gallery - this is a listing of some of the work I've done for various companies and what exactly were my contributions to those projects. PWCR projects are not included here. You can find them in "Sites" section of

This section of is focused on my work and experience, you won't find many personal information here. My informal web site will be available later this year.