PWCR Network Performance - December 2003

Date: 4 January 2004
Source: PWCR Network

Same old story this time

Happy 2004!

Little news this month. The traffic decline that has been apparent for the last few months on older sites continues, and the younger network sites continue to show good performance.

DRYCOUNTY.COM experienced a massive in all traffic figures. The site reached its lowest unique visitor and session numbers since July 2002 and the trend might continue in 2004.

PENPALSNOW.COM continues to gradually lose its visitors, recording the worst month in 2 years.

IGRALEC.COM shines on and is on it's way to replace as the Networks second largest site. It missed a milestone 50.000 sessions by only 36 visits and reached new all time highs in all three traffic figures.

PEUGEOT206CLUB.COM showed improvement in December and managed to get close to September/October numbers.

Visitor Sessions
Unique Visitors 1.025.699130.76560.032
penpalsnow.com383.68552.91022.567 12.4504.1602.921
askthesky.com20.5175.285 4.133
Source: PWCRN access log analysis produced with Webalizer