PWCR Network Performance - October 2003

Date: 1 November 2003
Source: PWCR Network

On the rise again

Very good month for the Network! Almost all sites performed better than last month, resulting in better numbers alltogether. Pageviews figure even topped the one from August! finally regained some ground after losing visitors for two months in a row. Pageviews number looks encouraging. Visits and unique visitors figures also showed some improvement. lost some ground once again, but recorded more pageviews than last month. recorded its best month ever in all categories. And what a month it was! Passing 35000 visits , 230000 pageviews and 18000 unique visitors all in one month! It will be interesting to see if next two months bring more improvement or not!

Peugeot206club lost ground in all three categories, but the overall performance is still good. New site is coming soon and with it a better performance, hopefully.

Visitor Sessions
Unique Visitors 1.288.422153.13970.050
penpalsnow.com448.36959.52525.756 15.0475.0443.636
askthesky.com17.0394.099 3.262
TOTAL2.151.725 281.116133.706

Source: PWCRN access log analysis produced with Webalizer