PWCR Network Performance - September 2003

Date: 1 October 2003
Source: PWCR Network

Small sites gain, large sites lose

Same old story this month. Smaller sites showed strong growth, the large ones lost some ground again and the Network overall figures dropped accordingly. traffic dropped again, but is expected to stay at this level or even rise a bit with the release of Bon Jovi acustic Best Of album. did not manage to keep up the decent performance and lost some ground, but still stayed significanlty above its yearly lows. recorded its best month ever in pageviews, visits and its second best in terms of unique visitors. Next month might bring all-time highs in all three categories.

Peugeot206club also showed strong performance, reaching its highest pageviews figure ever and very encouraging improvement in terms of visits and unique visitors.

Visitor Sessions
Unique Visitors 1.041.832143.86667.693
penpalsnow.com436.52261.75125.804 14.1454.7163.409
askthesky.com19.6534.896 3.350
Source: PWCRN access log analysis produced with Webalizer