PWCR Network Performance - June 2003

Date: 2 July 2003
Source: PWCR Network

General improvement, some all time highs

June turned out to be a good month for the Network. Most sites showed improvement over May, some even reached their all time highs, mostly for pageviews. Network as a whole also reached its all time high number of pageviews in single month, going over 2,1 million for the first time.

DRYCOUNTY.COM showed improvement over May, regaining some ground in terms of visits and unique visitors (once again over 200,000 visits). The site also set its record high pageviews figure, reaching almost 1,5 million.

No change for Penpalsnow!, the site continued its slow decline by another fraction of percent.

IGRALEC.COM is the star of June, reaching its all time record highs for pageviews and second best result in terms of visits and unique visitors. It will be interesting to see how the gaming site performs during summer months.

PEUGEOT206CLUB's figures show a small decline in visits and unique visitors, but on the other hand there's an all time high in terms of pageviews.

So, overall June was a good month!

Visitor Sessions
Unique Visitors 1.427.673202.12696.960
penpalsnow.com381.59755.97724.254 17.6715.9964.799

Source: PWCRN access log analysis produced with Webalizer