PWCR Network Performance - May 2003

Date: 1 June 2003
Source: PWCR Network

A slight decline, but for all sites

May was not a good month for the Network at all. Virtually all sites suffered slight setbacks, but in almost all categories! was hit by a pause in Bon Jovi tour schedule, which resulted in a 7-8% decline in visits and unique visitors, but pageviews remained on the same level as last month, which is good news. Bon Jovi are back on tour in June, so this month should bring better results for Dry County fan site.

Not much to say about PenpalsNow. The site recorded another slight decline in all categories. actually put up a good performance, but it didn't manage to improve its last month's figures, except pageviews. There was not much change in terms of visits and unique visitors. performed good as well, gaining more unique visitors and just slightly dropping in other two categories.

Visitor Sessions
Unique Visitors 1.273.219197.47094.722
penpalsnow.com382.05556.13324.669 20.7017.0945.811

Source: PWCRN access log analysis produced with Webalizer