PWCR Network Performance - March 2003

Date: 4 April 2003
Source: PWCR Network

Ups and downs

Ups and downs in March 2003. The number of unique visitors has decreased a bit, mostly due to half a day of downtime in early March. But in other categories (pageviews and sessions) the Network once againa managed to reach its record highs, passing 300.000 visits for the first time.'s performance usually reflects the entire Network's performance, and March was no exception. The site passed 200.000 visits in one month for the first time ever, but recorded less pageviews than in the month before.

Penpalsnow! showed a small improvement but the site is still far away from its golden days. continued to perform strongly. The gaming site recorded a record high pageviews figure and its second best month in other two categories.

Peugeot 206 Club suffered a setback in terms of visits and unique visitors. Time will tell if previous month was unrealisticly strong - it certainly looks like that, as the site did manage to record its second strongest month in all categories.

Visitor Sessions
Unique Visitors 1.370.238210.52596.578
penpalsnow.com397.52658.41526.683 20.9976.3764.990

Source: PWCRN access log analysis produced with Webalizer